My Sources of Information

My boss asked me to document the various sources of information I get my daily dose from. Well, I never understood sharing articles on Twitter and such, I follow only friends on Facebook, so no social sources for me.

I am an old guy, that means one thing only: RSS! Here goes my list:

  • IT News
    • Gizmodo (once I subscribed to Engadget as well, but it seemed duplicate, and Gizmodo didn’t fill my screen with huge images directly in the feed)
    • Ars Technica – good for longer in-depth articles.
    • TechCrunch – every once in a while, something good comes out of it.
    • InfoQ – the articles are not worth much, but the presentation recorded in conferences are great.
  • Local IT News (Czech, Slovak)
    • – this is a mystery to me: no idea who is writing it, but I read 90+% of the articles and the overall quality is incredibly high.
    • – every Friday, the legendary Michal Rybka has a great article mixing tons of experience with the slightest drop of paranoia.
    • – my teacher from Matfyz (Jiri Peterka) writes great in-depth articles every once in a while.
    • – considering this is a part of imperium, the articles are strongly above the average.
    • – everyone has to read something from the opposing camp, and I prefer Diit to Radek Hulan 😉
  • Blogs